Speaker Date Topic
Envoy Richard Pease Dec 19, 2017
Salvation Army

The new head of the local Salvation Army, Envoy Richard Pease, will be with us today. He'll talk about where the money goes when we put something into those red kettles and why the dontion of our time as bell ringers is so important. 

No Meeting Today - Merry Christmas! Dec 26, 2017

We hope you are enjoying the holidays. See you next Tuesday, January 2nd, when we have a joint meetinbg with the Olympia Kiwanis.

Joint Meeting With the Olympia Kiwais Club Jan 02, 2018
Preview of the upcoming legislative session

This is a chance to enjoy fellowship with members of the Olympia Kiwanis Club. We'll be getting a preview of the upcoming legislative session from State Representatives Andrew Barkis, Beth Daglio, and Lourie Dolan. 

Chris Grabowski, Olympia Code Enforcement Officer Jan 09, 2018
Enforcing the city's ordinances

How many chickens can you have if you live in Olympia? What if you have more? Find out today when City Code Enforcement Officer Chris Grabowski makes his presenrtation. 

Hillary Soens Jan 16, 2018
Joint Meeting with the Olympia Kiwanis Club

For the second time this month we get to enjoy fellowship with members of the Olympia Kiwanis Club. In keeping with the spirit of the Martin Luther King holiday, YWCA executive director Hillary Soens will talk about "Race Issues in Olympia."

To be announced Jan 23, 2018
Sylvana Niehauser Jan 30, 2018
Olympia's Parks

Sylvana Niehauser with the Olympia Parks Department talks about Park Rangers and the importance of volunteers in maintaing the city's many parks.